Wang Ding, a native of Gaoyou, was known for his generosity and bravery. He had a wide circle of friends and was well-traveled. At the age of eighteen, before he could get married, his fiancée passed away. Whenever he went on a journey, he would often be away for more than a year. His older brother, Wang Nai, was a well-known scholar in the northern part of the Jiangnan region. He loved his younger brother and advised him not to go out anymore, but to find a wife. Wang Ding did not listen and took a boat to visit a friend in Zhenjiang. Unfortunately, his friend was not there, so Wang Ding rented a loft in an inn. Outside the building, the river water was like a ribbon, shimmering with waves, and the golden mountains were in full view, making Wang Ding feel joyful. The next day, his friend came to invite him to stay at his house, but Wang Ding declined.

He stayed in the loft for more than half a month. One night, Wang Ding dreamt of a young girl, about fourteen or fifteen years old, with a beautiful and dignified appearance. She got into bed with him, and when he woke up, he had already had a nocturnal emission. Wang Ding found it strange, thinking it was just a coincidence. But the same dream happened again the next night. This continued for three or four nights, and Wang Ding was extremely surprised. He was afraid to sleep with the lights off and remained vigilant even when lying in bed. Just as he closed his eyes, he saw the girl again in his dream. They were being intimate when Wang Ding suddenly woke up. He quickly opened his eyes and saw a beautiful girl, like a celestial being, still in his embrace. The girl, feeling embarrassed and shy, said, 'No wonder people are afraid to tell you with such violence!' Wang Ding then began to ask her questions. The girl said, 'My surname is Wu, and my name is Qiuyue. My late father was a scholar who was well-versed in divination. He loved me dearly but said that I would not live long, so he did not allow me to marry. When I turned fifteen, I indeed died. My father buried me in the east wing of the attic. The grave is level with the ground, with no markings. There is only a stone slab next to the coffin, which reads, 'Wu Qiuyue, buried without a mound, thirty years old, married to Wang Ding.' Now, thirty years have passed, and you have come. I am very happy and eager to meet you, but I was too shy to approach you directly, so I had to meet you in dreams.' Wang Ding was also delighted and wanted to be intimate with her again. The girl said, 'I only have a little bit of yang energy left. If I want to come back to life, I cannot withstand such a storm. We have plenty of time in the future, so why rush tonight?' She then got up and left. The next day, Qiuyue came again and sat with Wang Ding, chatting and laughing as if they were old acquaintances. They extinguished the candle and went to bed, just like living people. However, when she got up, Wang Ding had a strong emission, soaking the bed sheets.

One night, under the bright moonlight, Wang Ding and Qiuyue took a walk in the courtyard. He asked her, 'Are there cities in the underworld?' Qiuyue replied, 'Yes, just like in the human world. The city of the underworld is not far from here, about three or four miles away, but it is like daytime there at night.' Wang Ding asked, 'Can living people see it?' Qiuyue answered, 'Yes, they can.' Wang Ding requested to see it, and Qiuyue agreed. The two of them walked under the moonlight, with Qiuyue floating and moving as fast as the wind. Wang Ding tried his best to catch up and soon arrived at a place. Qiuyue said, 'We're almost there.' Wang Ding looked around but couldn't see anything. Qiuyue then spat on his eyes, and when Wang Ding opened his eyes, he felt his vision had doubled, and he could see as clearly at night as during the day. Immediately, he saw a city standing in the mist and smoke. People were coming and going on the streets, just like at a fair. After a while, he saw two constables leading three or four people, and the last person looked very much like Wang Ding's brother. Wang Ding approached and took a closer look, and indeed, it was his brother, Wang Nai. Shocked, he asked, 'Why is my brother here?' His brother saw him and tears streamed down his face. He said, 'I don't know why, but I was forcibly arrested.' Wang Ding angrily exclaimed, 'My brother is a gentleman of propriety. Why are they treating him like a criminal?' He asked the constables to release his brother, but they refused and arrogantly ignored him. Wang Ding, filled with anger, wanted to argue with them, but his brother stopped him and said, 'This is an official order, and we should abide by the law. I just lack money, and they are demanding bribes. When you go back, please gather some money for me.' Wang Ding grabbed his brother's arm and burst into tears. The constables became furious, and one of them pulled the rope around Wang Nai's neck, causing him to fall to the ground. Seeing this, Wang Ding could no longer bear it. He drew his sword and beheaded the constable. The other constable was about to shout, but Wang Ding killed him with another strike. Qiuyue was shocked and said, 'Killing an official is an unforgivable crime! If we delay, a great disaster will come upon us! Please quickly find a boat and head north. When you return home, do not remove the mourning cloth and keep the doors closed for seven days to ensure safety.' Wang Ding then supported his brother and quickly rented a boat, crossing the river to the north. When they arrived home, they saw many mourners and only then did they learn that his brother had indeed died. They closed the door, locked it, and entered the house. But when they looked at his brother again, he had disappeared. As they entered the room, the deceased brother had already awakened and was crying out, 'I'm starving! Hurry and prepare some soup and cakes!' Wang Nai had been dead for two days, and the whole family was shocked. Wang Ding explained the situation. After seven days, they opened the door, removed the mourning cloth, and everyone learned that Wang Nai had come back to life. Relatives and friends came to inquire, and Wang Ding made excuses to answer them.

Wang Ding missed Qiuyue and felt restless, so he went south again and returned to the same loft. He lit a candle and waited for a long time, but Qiuyue did not come. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he saw a woman entering the room. She said, 'Qiuyue asked me to tell you: after you killed the constable last time, she was captured because the real criminal escaped. She is now being held in prison and being abused by the jailer. She has been eagerly waiting for you and asks you to find a solution.' Wang Ding was filled with grief and anger and followed the woman. They arrived at a city and entered the west gate. The woman pointed to a large door and said, 'Qiuyue is temporarily held here.' Wang Ding went in and saw a chaotic house with many prisoners, but Qiuyue was not there. He then entered a small door and saw a room with a light. Wang Ding approached the window and looked inside. Qiuyue was sitting on the bed, covering her face with her sleeve and crying. Two jailers were touching her face and small feet, teasing her with laughter. Qiuyue cried even harder. One jailer held her neck and said, 'Now that you are a criminal, do you still want to remain chaste?' Wang Ding became furious and without saying a word, rushed in with his sword. With one strike each, he swiftly killed the two jailers. He rescued Qiuyue and luckily, no one noticed. They returned to the inn, and Wang Ding suddenly woke up. He was surprised by the violent dream he had just had, but then he saw Qiuyue standing there with tears in her eyes. Wang Ding was astonished and quickly got up to pull her to sit down. He told her about the dream he had just had. Qiuyue said, 'It's true, not a dream!' Wang Ding exclaimed, 'What should we do now?' Qiuyue sighed and said, 'It is fate. Originally, I was supposed to wait until the end of the month to come back to life. But now, the situation is urgent, and we cannot wait any longer. Please quickly dig up the grave, take me home with you, and call my name every day. After three days, I will be able to come back to life. However, my time is not complete, and I will be weak and unable to do household chores for you.' After speaking, she hurriedly tried to leave but then turned back and said, 'I almost forgot. In the underworld, if they investigate, what should we do? When I was alive, my father gave me two talismans and said that after thirty years, both husband and wife could wear them.' She then asked for a pen and quickly wrote two talismans, saying, 'You should wear one, and stick the other one on my back.' Wang Ding saw her off, remembered where she disappeared, and dug more than a foot underground. He saw the coffin, which had already decayed. There was a small stone tablet nearby, and the inscription was exactly as Qiuyue had said. When he opened the coffin, Qiuyue's face looked alive. Wang Ding carried her into the house, and her clothes turned into ashes in the wind. After sticking the talisman, he tightly wrapped her in a blanket and carried her to the riverside. He called for a boat, pretending that his sister was seriously ill and needed to be sent back to her in-laws. Coincidentally, a south wind blew, and it was already dawn when they arrived at the door of his house.

Wang Ding settled Qiuyue in the house and then told his brother and sister-in-law. The whole family was shocked and did not dare to say that Wang Ding had been possessed. Wang Ding opened the blanket and called Qiuyue's name loudly. He slept with the corpse embracing him at night. Gradually, the corpse became warm, and after three days, it actually came back to life. After seven days, she could walk and changed her clothes to pay respects to her sister-in-law. She looked graceful and no less than a goddess. However, she needed someone to support her within ten steps; otherwise, she would sway in the wind as if about to fall. People who saw her thought she had a certain illness, which added to her charm. Qiuyue often advised Wang Ding, saying, 'You have committed great sins and should accumulate merits, recite sutras, and repent. Otherwise, I'm afraid your life will not be long.' Wang Ding, who did not believe in Buddhism, began to devoutly worship at the Buddhist temple. After that, he had no more troubles.

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