Changshan Liu Hongxun and Liu Zhongtang, once went to Korea with a military officer. They heard that Anqi Island in Korea was a place where immortals lived, so they wanted to take a boat to visit. The ministers of the Korean country all said no and asked them to wait for someone named Xiao Zhang. It turned out that Anqi Island had no contact with the world, only the disciple Xiao Zhang who came once or twice a year. Anyone who wanted to go to the island had to explain to Xiao Zhang first. If Xiao Zhang thought it was okay, they could board the ship and arrive safely; otherwise, the ship would be overturned by a hurricane.

After a day or two, the King of Korea summoned Liu Zhongtang. When Zhongtang went to court, he saw another person sitting in the hall. This person was in his thirties, wearing a sword, and wearing a brown hat. He looked neat and solemn. When Liu Zhongtang asked, he knew that he was Xiao Zhang. Zhongtang told him about his desire to go to Anqi Island. Xiao Zhang agreed, but said, 'Your deputy cannot go.' Then he went out of the palace and looked at Liu Zhongtang's entourage, saying that only two people could go with him. So, Xiao Zhang prepared a boat and led Liu Zhongtang and others to go together.

Liu Zhongtang sat on the boat, not knowing how far the journey was. He only felt the wind blowing. It was like riding on clouds and mist. After only an hour, they arrived at Anqi Island. It was the middle of winter, but when they arrived on the island, the climate was warm like spring, and flowers bloomed in the valley. Xiao Zhang led Liu Zhongtang into the cave, where three old men were sitting cross-legged. The people on the east and west sides didn't seem to see the guests, only the old man in the middle stood up to greet them and exchanged greetings. After sitting down, the old man asked the young servant to serve tea. The servant took a tray and walked out. There was an iron cone inserted into the stone wall outside the cave. The servant pulled out the iron cone, and water immediately spouted out. The servant caught it with a cup. After it was full, the servant put the iron cone back in its place. The servant brought the tea to Liu Zhongtang. Zhongtang saw that the tea was light green and took a sip. It made his teeth tremble. He was afraid that it was too cold for him to drink. The old man looked at the servant and signaled him to take it away. The servant took the tea cup away and drank the remaining tea himself. He then returned to the stone wall and pulled out the iron cone, and brought another cup of tea. When Liu Zhongtang tasted this cup of tea, he felt a fragrant aroma in his mouth, and the hot air rushed towards him, as if it had just been brewed. He was secretly amazed. Liu Zhongtang asked the old man about his future fate, and the old man smiled and said, 'We hermits don't even know the passage of time, how can we predict the affairs of the mortal world?' Liu Zhongtang asked about the art of immortality, and the old man said, 'This is not something that you wealthy people can achieve.' Liu Zhongtang got up to bid farewell, and Xiao Zhang still accompanied him back.

After returning to Korea, Liu Zhongtang told the king about his experience on Anqi Island. The king sighed and said, 'It's a pity that you didn't drink that cold tea. It is the jade liquid from heaven, and drinking a cup can extend your life by a hundred years.'

Liu Zhongtang was ready to return to his country. The King of Korea gave him a gift wrapped in layers of paper and silk, and told him not to open it near the sea. As soon as Liu Zhongtang got off the ship and went ashore, he hurriedly took it out and looked at it. After removing hundreds of layers of paper and silk, he saw a mirror. He looked at the mirror carefully and saw the scene of the Dragon Palace in the sea. Dragons were flying and dancing inside, vividly displayed. He was so fascinated that he suddenly saw a huge wave higher than a building rising from the sea, rushing towards him with great momentum. Liu Zhongtang was terrified and hurriedly fled. The wave chased him relentlessly, as fast as a violent storm. Liu Zhongtang was frightened and threw the mirror towards the wave. The wave immediately subsided.

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