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Ding Qianxi

5 de dic. de 2023
3 min de lectura
Historias Extrañas de un Estudio Chino

Ding Qianxi, from Zhucheng. His family was wealthy and generous, always standing up for justice and admiring the character of the ancient knight Guo Jie. When the Yushi Xingtai heard about this, he wanted to visit him, but Ding Qianxi ran away. He arrived in Anqiu and encountered heavy rain, so he took shelter in an inn. The rain continued until noon. At this time, a young man came and treated him with a sumptuous meal. As night fell and the rain continued, Ding Qianxi had no choice but to stay overnight at the young man's house. The young man not only took care of his food and lodging, but also took care of his horse, showing great thoughtfulness and consideration. When Ding Qianxi asked for the young man's name, he replied, 'My master's surname is Yang, and I am his nephew. My master likes to socialize and has just gone out. Only his wife is at home. Our family is poor and cannot offer better hospitality, so please bear with us.' Ding Qianxi then asked about the master's occupation and learned that Yang had no assets and relied on running a gambling house to make a living.

The next day, it was still raining continuously, but the meals provided by the host for Ding Qianxi were still warm and thoughtful, without any negligence. In the evening, when he was feeding the horse with grass, Ding Qianxi noticed that the feed was uneven and some were wet. He found it strange and asked the young man. The young man said, 'To be honest, our family is so poor that we don't have grass to feed the horse. This is the thatch I took down from the roof!' Ding Qianxi became even more puzzled, thinking that the host was asking him for money. When it was daylight and the rain had stopped, he packed his luggage and took out some silver to give to the young man, but the young man refused. Ding Qianxi insisted, and the young man had no choice but to take the silver and go inside to consult his wife. After a while, he came out and returned the silver to Ding Qianxi, saying, 'My wife said: We don't rely on this to make a living. My master often doesn't bring back a single penny for several days. How can we ask you for compensation as a guest?' Ding Qianxi was deeply moved by this and praised the character of the host's wife. Before leaving, he repeatedly instructed, 'I am Ding Qianxi from Zhucheng. Please tell your master to visit my home when he has free time.'

Years passed without any news from Ding Qianxi. In that year, there was a famine, and the Yang family was extremely poor. With no other choice, Yang's wife persuaded her husband to find Ding Qianxi and ask for help. Yang agreed. When they arrived in Zhucheng and found Ding Qianxi's home, they asked the gatekeeper to announce their names, but Ding Qianxi couldn't remember this person at all. Yang then told the servant about what happened years ago. After hearing this, Ding Qianxi hurriedly put on his shoes and ran out to greet the guests. Seeing Yang in tattered clothes with his heels exposed, he invited him into a warm room and treated him with a grand feast, showing great respect and courtesy. The next day, Ding Qianxi made clothes, hats, shoes, and socks for Yang, who felt refreshed and excited, thinking that Ding Qianxi was a loyal and friendly person. However, when he thought about the situation of no cooking at home, he became more worried and hoped that his master could quickly provide some money and food so he could return home. After staying for a few more days and seeing no sign of his master bidding farewell, Yang couldn't help but say to Ding Qianxi, 'After much consideration, I can no longer hide it from you. When I came, there was not even a bowl of rice at home. Now, thanks to your generous hospitality, I am very happy, but how is my wife doing?' Ding Qianxi smiled and said, 'You don't need to worry about these things. I have already taken care of everything for you. Please stay a few more days and let me gather some travel expenses for you.' Ding Qianxi then sent people to gather all the gamblers for a gambling session, and Yang took a percentage of the winnings. In just one night, he obtained a hundred taels of silver. Only then did Ding Qianxi send Yang back home.

When Yang entered the house and saw that the whole family was dressed in new clothes and there was a maid serving his wife, he was shocked. He asked his wife, and she said, 'The day after you left, someone drove a horse-drawn carriage and delivered cloth and food, filling the entire house. They said it was sent by Mr. Ding as a gift. They also brought a maid for me to use.' Yang was extremely moved. From then on, the Yang family lived a comfortable life and no longer needed to run a gambling house to make a living.

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